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Dental Insurance: Use it or Lose it!

Don’t toss away good money by neglecting to use services you’ve already paid for. Your dental insurance plan works best for you when you put it to work on a regular basis. Your Muncie DDS, Dr. Greg Pyle, can show you how.


Smart Questions to Ask
You literally could save hundreds of dollars by using your dental benefits before the end of the year! This is because most dental insurance plans run on a calendar year that resets January 1st.
Step 1: Contact your insurer to ask what benefits you’ve already used, and what you still have available for the year. Also ask, “Are any benefits being cut or reduced in next year’s policy?” Typically, preventative procedures like dental cleanings, x-rays, exams are covered. But, will they cover veneers, teeth whitening, or braces?
Step 2: Call our dental office and schedule an appointment right away for any eligible family member to ensure you beat the December 31st coverage deadline.

4 Reasons to Act Now
1) Yearly Limit: Most insurance companies will pay out around $1,000 (double-check your policy) per person, per year, for dental treatments. If you haven’t used it by year-end, there is no rollover. It is gone-gone. Note: Some restorative treatments are more costly and require several phases, ask us to help you schedule this so some portions will fit in this year’s insurance budget while the rest falls in next year’s.
2) Deductibles/Premiums: Your dental insurance company likely sets a dollar amount that you must spend before their coverage “kicks in.” Once you’ve paid that deductible, it’s good for the year—but only that calendar year. You’re paying premiums to save you money, so take advantage of it and actually save yourself that money by using the benefits. Even if you don’t need extensive treatment, always have regular cleanings and check-ups.
3) Rate Increases: As the cost of living, materials, and equipment constantly inflate, dental practices sometimes must increase the price of treatments. If this were to happen, most likely it’s implemented at the beginning of a new year. Coverage of certain treatments are sometimes cut from insurance policies too, so grab it while it lasts!
4) Prevent Paying for Procrastination: Delays in putting your dental insurance to work can turn what may be a simple cavity now, into a root canal later. Avoid these more extensive and expensive treatments by utilizing your dental insurance for cleanings and check-ups.
The moral of the story: Benefit from your benefits! The clock on this year is ticking, so make your appointment with your Muncie DDS now!

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