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Going Beyond Dentistry

The University Avenue dental office waiting room

Your oral health affects your whole body, which is why our Muncie, IN, dentist believes in taking a comprehensive approach. We perform detailed exams and offer a wider range of services to improve your health, beauty, and overall well-being.

When necessary, we team up with your primary care provider to rule out medical issues and see the big picture. By treating the cause and not just the symptoms, our complete family dentistry helps you feel better and live better.

Our dental services include general dentistry, cosmetic smile design, TMJ headache relief, orthodontic services, and more – all in one office! Get ready for a superior experience at your local dentist.

The University Avenue dental office waiting room
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‘‘Dr. Pyle and his staff are professional, but you can tell they really care about you and your needs. They don’t just focus on your teeth but on your entire health. Dr. Pyle was able to eliminate morning headaches for me that I would not have ever associated with my mouth. I would never go anyplace else.’’

- Sharyl M.

Your Health Is in Good Hands

Your smile is just one way we can boost your health.

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TMJ/Sleep Apnea
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Jaw pain and sleep apnea can cause discomfort that takes over your life. Take back control and feel more alive with headache relief with custom oral devices.

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Smile proudly and feel confident. It’s never too late to straighten your teeth, especially with our orthodontic system that fits your lifestyle.

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Airway Treatment
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You'll feel better when you breathe better. We help treat poor airway health in kids and adults to improve concentration, mood, sleep, and more.

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