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My Jaw Popps When I’m Chewing. Should I Be Concerned?

Man wearing glasses with a questioning look on his face.

Snap, crackle, pop! If that is your jaw and not your morning bowl of Rice Krispies making all that noise, then you need to find out why. Jaw popping sounds when chewing is caused by a variety of things. Some of the causes are not serious and can be treated at home; others are more […]

3 Ways to Get Rid of Headaches or Migraines Without Medication (Short Video)

Woman rubbing her temples to relieve headache pain.

No one likes to deal with the pain caused by occasional or recurrent headaches. But many people don’t want to have to be continually taking medication to manage their pain. Is there another way? A drug-free way? Yes, there is! Effective treatment for headache relief Treating headache pain early, when you first start to feel […]

How Effective Is Myobrace® for Straightening Kids’ Teeth?

Myobrace logo and three smiling children.

Is there something better for straightening kids’ teeth than braces? There is! Myobrace® resolves orthodontic issues without using braces or needing to remove teeth. What is Myobrace® and how effective is it? What is Myobrace®? Typical orthodontic treatment addresses the issue of crowded or crooked teeth by using braces to force the permanent teeth into […]