We Want To Keep You Smiling In 2015!

We are so very grateful for our patients! As 2014 comes to a close, we wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate your continued trust in University Avenue Dental for your dental care. Dr. Pyle and our entire staff hope you receive only the best care from us during your visits. We […]

October: 31 Days Dedicated to your Physical Well-Being

October is National Hygiene Month: A time to focus on maintenance, nutrition and rebalancing of the complex systems that make up our living organisms. Thanks to the hyped awareness of our need to “look at the big picture,” physicians everywhere are making efforts to bring comprehensive care to as many people as possible. That’s where […]

Headache Relief Muncie: TruDenta

The only thing worse than a headache is one that just won’t go away! For headache relief Muncie dentist Dr. Greg Pyle offers TruDenta treatment to his patients in need. Discover how the TruDenta experience can be a life-changing one for you. Read on to learn the benefits of headache relief from Dr. Pyle, watch […]

3 Smile Deficiencies Resolved by Porcelain Veneers

If there are aspects of your smile that you’re less than thrilled with, consider the highly popular dental solution of porcelain veneers. Muncie dentist Dr. Greg Pyle has done great work with veneers. Check out some of the before and after pictures on our Porcelain Veneers page. What makes veneers such a great option? Veneers […]

5 Secrets of the Summer Super-Mom!

Meet Super-Mom. She knows all of the best tips and tricks and wants to share her secrets with YOU! Check out the infographic below then share this post with other super moms you know. Then take a look at all the wonderful Muncie dental services offered by Dr. Greg Pyle!   Need those activity site links […]

Woman's jaw popping after holding burger and drinking green juice.

Why Does My Jaw Pop When I Eat?

Eating can be a noisy business—crunching carrots, slurping soup, etc.—but should your jaw be adding to the orchestra with popping noises? No! If you feel an awkward shifting, locking, or popping in your jaw, you’ve got yourself a problem. But – have no fear. Keep reading to find out what’s causing this and how we can […]

Safe or Sorry: Dental Care for Your Teeth

Do you live by the saying “It’s better to be safe than sorry”? What about when it comes to your dental health? Why Your Teeth Asks You to Act Now While your ever-working teeth are amazingly durable, they are by no means indestructible. To get the best long-term use out of your smile, preventative maintenance […]