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Build A Healthy Foundation For The Future With Comprehensive Dentistry in Muncie

  What is comprehensive dentistry? Comprehensive dentistry involves looking below the surface, finding the root cause of a problem, and then providing a total, long-lasting solution. Itcan take in all aspects of dentistry; preventative, restorative, and cosmetic. Building from the foundation, up, provides you with a healthy oral environment that supports your desired cosmetic improvements. […]

Healthy tips for busy schedules.

8 Healthy (and Super Easy!) Tips For Busy Schedules

Are you so busy that you almost forgot to brush your teeth this morning? With your busy schedule, incorporating healthy habits into your routine are probably far from your mind. We’re here to tell you to START THINKING HEALTHY! Try These 8 Healthy Tips! “But I don’t have time!” Nonsense! We have the perfect eight […]


8 Tips to Maintain Healthy Teeth While Traveling

  What are your travel plans this summer? Whether you’re planning a long weekend at the beach, a rustic camping adventure, or an international getaway, no doubt you’re excited about your upcoming escape. The house-sitter is booked, your bags are packed…but do you have everything you need to maintain healthy teeth while traveling? It can […]

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Dental Assistant Recognition Week March 6-12

Our Amazing Assistants We here at University Avenue Dental LOVE our amazing assistants and so do our patients! They do so much for our office and we truly appreciate them. We thought it would be nice to highlight just one our outstanding assistants. Let’s take a moment to meet Monica… Meet Our Top-Notch Assistant Monica Monica […]

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How to Survive Family Dinners and Even Enjoy Them

  For some family dinners, the holidays are just another reason to get together, eat great food, and have a good time. In this scenario, there’s nothing more enjoyable than spending extra time with your loved ones (it’s what the holidays are all about after all), BUT for other families, even the closest relatives can […]

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Dental Hygiene Month ‐ 4 Daily Tips For a Healthy Smile

WARNING: This fact may startle you: 80 percent of the U.S. population has some form of periodontal (gum) disease. ‐ From Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Despite this statistic, gum and other oral diseases are 100% preventable. The secret: Practicing good, daily dental hygiene. In honor of National Dental Hygiene Month, your Muncie Dentist has […]