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Creating Life-Changing Results with Captivating Precision

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We Care For YOU, Not Just Your Teeth!

For our dentist in Muncie, Indiana, your health is the #1 priority.

The dental practice of Dr. Pyle provides functional and aesthetic dentistry services in a state-of-the-art facility. His one-on-one approach and attention to your unique circumstances make him exceptionally skilled at locating unrecognized dental needs.

Dr. Pyle and his team of dental professionals believe in using only the most modern techniques to make sure your dental services are comfortable and done right the first time. Do you want to redesign your smile? Solve your sleeping problems? Find relief from constant headache pain? Dr. Pyle's dental skills and experience with similar cases can change your life in incredible ways.

Living a comfortable, pain-free life should not be a luxury. We can help relieve the pain of chronic headaches and get your life back on track.


Snoring and daytime fatigue could be fatal! End the suffering and come to see Dr. Pyle, one of 13 dentists in the country to be a certified partner of SomnoMed®.


Missing one or more teeth? Dental implants can help you eat, speak, look, and feel better. But, are they right for you? Download our free infographic to find out.

Is your smile a true reflection of your personality and beauty? Let's work together to transform your smile to match your goals with our smile design services.
Full Menu of Services
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Metal-Free Fillings
  • Bonding
  • Smile Design

TMJ & Sleep Apnea Solutions

Dentist Muncie Indiana - Dr. Greg Pyle
Meet The Doc
Dentist Muncie Indiana - Dr. Greg Pyle
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Meet Dr. Greg Pyle
Your personable dentist in Muncie, Indiana.

Dr. Pyle, a dentist in Muncie Indiana, was featured on WNDY TV Segments

Dr. Pyle Was Featured On My 23 WNDY

Don't miss these informative videos from Dr. Pyle. Here are a few segments where our renowned Indiana dentist in Muncie was interviewed live on television. Visit our YouTube channel to watch more.

Cosmetic Dentistry Philosophy

Learn how even small cosmetic dentistry changes can make a big impact on your smile!

Sleep Apnea Solutions

Replace your CPAP machine with a simple, comfortable solution that will help you get the restful sleep you need.
Providing Dental Care That Goes Beyond The Teeth

University Avenue Dental offers airway treatment for children and adults.

Children's Airway Treatment

Does your child wet the bed, snore, or exhibit signs of ADHD/ADD? It could be signs of airway issues. Dr. Pyle provides comprehensive, noninvasive solutions to guide your child's growth and health.


Adult Airway Treatment

Tired of being tired? Experiencing constant migraines? Dr. Pyle can help you control your oral and overall health with advanced airway treatments that go beyond your teeth.



Get straight teeth - the natural way. Myobrace® is a pre-orthodontic treatment to teach kids proper breathing and tongue positioning to help teeth grow in naturally straight!


Longing For a Good Night's Sleep?

Dr. Greg Pyle can help with innovative sleep apnea solutions! Are you experiencing:

  • Headaches?
  • Trouble concentrating or remembering things?
  • Keeping your spouse awake with your snoring?
  • Dry mouth and throat?

Most people didn't know that the solution to such sleep problems often is found in dentistry! Download our FREE eBook to find a solution to snoring, daytime fatigue, and other related problems. You're only a couple steps away from getting the sleep you deserve.

Sleep Apnea Free eBook Download from your dentist in Muncie Indiana

Pyles of Smiles

See what patients from all over Muncie are saying about their dental journey with Dr. Pyle.

Photo of actual Smile Design patient of Dr Gregory Pyle - a dentist in  Muncie  Indiana
Older Woman Smiling- actual Smile Design patient of Dr Gregory Pyle - a dentist in Muncie Indiana
Blonde Woman Smiling- actual  patient of Dr Gregory Pyle - a dentist in Muncie Indiana
Woman Smiling- actual patient of Dr Gregory Pyle - a dentist in Muncie Indiana
Older Woman Smiling- actual Smile Design patient of Dr Gregory Pyle - a dentist in Muncie Indiana

‘‘A few years back, I came to Dr. Pyle after not entering a dentist's office for many years because of a couple of bad experiences in my younger years. He made me feel so comfortable and helped me get past my fears. I actually enjoy seeing him and his staff now versus having anxiety for days before my visit.’’

— Katy, Actual Patient

‘‘I’ve been a patient for over five years and I’ve always had positive and professional experiences. Dr. Pyle makes time to speak with me on every visit, including routine cleanings. The staff is friendly, personable, and prompt. The office runs on time without making me feel rushed. I highly recommend Dr. Pyle.’’

— Mitch, Actual Patient

‘‘Exceptional service. First time I have ever enjoyed myself at the dentist. Greg and his staff will teach you a lot about your dental health and personalize your experience in a way that other dentists just don't live up to.’’

— Austin, Actual Patient

‘‘I needed an old filling repaired. I was in and out of the chair in less than twenty minutes. Dr. Pyle and Torie used the laser... very cool! No shot to numb and no pain. What a great and friendly place!’’

— Mary-Ellen, Actual Patient

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