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Headache Relief

You deserve to live a pain-free life. We'll help you find the best solution.

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Change your life for the better with straighter, more beautiful teeth thanks to discreet clear aligners.

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Airway Health

breathe easily and sleep better with airway therapy for children and adults.

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We Care For YOU, Not Just Your Teeth!

Your health is the #1 priority.

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Just like you know what your body needs, we know what your smile needs. Let’s connect the two and ensure you have a good quality of life and excellent health. You may be surprised just how much your oral health affects your overall health!

At University Avenue Dental, our Muncie, IN dentists use a comprehensive approach and modern technology to give you the best treatment. From solving sleep problems and relieving constant headache pain to redesigning your smile, we’re more than just your average local dentist.

Here is a snapshot of our approach:

  • Prevention Is the Best
    Take the path of least resistance. Regular dental exams help find problems before they get worse and harder to treat.
  • All about You
    When you visit we want you to do 75% of the talking and we’ll do 75% of the listening. Only by getting to know you can we ensure you feel comfortable and confident in the care we provide.
  • Beyond Dentistry
    Think of us as an integral part of your healthcare team. We’ll work hand-in-hand with your primary care provider to help you enjoy long-term health and a happy life.
A monitor inside the dental office at University Avenue Dental
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Meet Dr. Greg Pyle

Your personable dentist in Muncie, Indiana.

Dr. Greg Pyle in front of the dental building at University Avenue Dental smiling as he crosses his arms

Dr. Greg Pyle has been serving the Muncie, IN community for more than 30 years with comprehensive dentistry in a stress-free environment. He believes a healthy life starts with a healthy mindset and builds long-term relationships to help you and your family understand your dental health and treatment options.

What’s more, Dr. Pyle stays at the forefront of dentistry so you can experience better dentistry. Here is a little about our Muncie dentist:

  • One of only 13 dentists across the U.S. who’s a certified member of SomnoMed®, a sleep apnea solution.
  • The first dentist to offer sleep apnea therapy in the Muncie, IN area.
  • An expert in providing chronic headache and TMJ relief using a painless and noninvasive approach.
  • Consistently solves patients’ unrecognized dental needs with the most advanced tools and techniques available.
  • Teams up with your physician to build a strong healthcare team and connect you with the best solutions.
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Feel Healthier and Smile More

Live a life you enjoy with a smile you want to show.

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Family Dentistry
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Maintain your family’s healthy smile for life with routine cleanings and preventative services in Muncie, IN.

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Cosmetic Dentistry
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Improve the way your smile looks by removing stains, straightening teeth, and fixing damage for a huge confidence boost.

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Smile Design
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Transform your smile into one that reflects your true personality and beauty with a wide range of cosmetic and restorative services.

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Correct crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth along with bite issues using clear aligners that won’t affect your lifestyle.

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Headache Relief
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Take back control of your life. Live more comfortably and pain-free with targeted treatments for chronic headaches and migraines.

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Airway & Growth
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We help the whole family function and feel better with solutions for sleep apnea breathing problems and orthodontic issues in kids and adults.

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‘‘University Avenue Dental is the best dental office I have ever been to. Much more than just a dentist. They truly care about your health and well-being. Great atmosphere and fantastic service. Very family-oriented!’’

- Greg S.

‘‘I’ve been going to Dr. Greg Pyle since he opened his practice, I would guess about 30 years now. When you find a good dentist who cares about your overall health, not just your teeth, but everything, you stick with them. He has a fantastic team that works really well together and makes the office and your dental visit go so smoothly.’’

- J. B.

‘‘Great care and professional staff. Can’t get better dental treatment in Muncie than here! Dr. Pyle is personable, empathetic, and an excellent provider. Muncie is lucky to have him!’’

- Madonna F.

‘‘Amazing team, honestly. Enough that I immediately knew I needed to bring my son and make this his long-term dentist as well. He went in as nervous as can be. He’s seven, and from the assistant to the care provided for my son - he was all smiles and laughs! If you want good people who honestly care, this is the place.’’

- Megan C.

‘‘Most thorough evaluation I have ever experienced. Dr. Pyle continues to educate himself to offer the best dental plan possible. The office has personable, accommodating staff. They don’t make you feel like a number.’’

- Victoria V.

‘‘I can honestly say that Dr. Greg Pyle is the absolute best dentist I have ever been to! He keeps up with the very latest and greatest in dental technology in order to provide the very best care to his customers. And if there is a very unique specialty procedure that needs to be done, he will not hesitate to refer you.’’

- Ken S.

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