Myobrace® in Muncie, IN

Straighten teeth naturally and address the root causes of crooked teeth.

What Is Myobrace®?

Preventive pre-orthodontics for children.

The Myobrace® … Click to open a new window to the oficial page of Myobrace … system addresses the underlying causes of crooked teeth, poor jaw development, and airway issues in kids.

Myobrace® deals with habit correction by teaching children to breathe through the nose, hold the tongue in the proper position, and swallow correctly. We do this while widening your child’s jaws, so they grow to their full size and make room for teeth to come in naturally straight.

Preventive pre-orthodontic treatment in Muncie, IN, is best for children aged 3 to 15. Our dentist offers a series of removable intraoral appliances, which must be worn for 1-2 hours a day plus overnight during sleep.

Do you think your child may need early orthodontic intervention?

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‘‘The best dentist and staff around! Dr. Pyle has truly helped my daughter, who was in a lot of pain. She is feeling better, and Dr. Pyle has a new patient. I have been with his office for many years. I really appreciate everyone there.’’

- Vickey. B.

Benefits Of Myobrace®

Our preventive pre-orthodontic system.

Mother and her daughter brushing teeth together in front of a mirror
Corrects Poor Oral Habits
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MYOBRACE® corrects detrimental oral habits, fostering healthier mouth behavior for improved oral health and function.
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Develops And Aligns The Jaw
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MYOBRACE® aids in jaw development and alignment, enhancing bite and jaw positioning for better dental harmony.
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Straightens Teeth Naturally
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MYOBRACE® facilitates natural teeth straightening, promoting a more aligned and aesthetically pleasing dental arrangement without traditional braces.
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Optimizes Facial Development
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MYOBRACE® optimizes facial growth, ensuring the balanced and harmonious development of facial features for an appealing overall appearance.
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Improves Overall Health
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MYOBRACE® enhances oral health, potentially leading to improved overall health through better breathing, sleep, and reduced oral health issues.
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Promotes Healthy Eating Habits
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MYOBRACE® encourages healthy eating habits by aiding in proper chewing and digestion, promoting a balanced and nutritious diet for overall wellness.

Myobrace®: Guiding Correct Jaw Development In Children And Teens

Non-invasive orthodontic therapy focusing on habits and alignment.

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Myobrace®This link leads to a Blog post is a fantastic option for young patients, aiding in proper jaw growth without the need for invasive measures.

By addressing the root causes of misaligned teeth through both fixed and removable orthodontic devices, it offers a comprehensive approach to aligning teeth and improving oral habits in children and teens.

The Four Stages Of Treatment

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Habit Correction
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This first stage of pre-orthodontic treatment involves teaching the child to breathe through the nose instead of the mouth, retraining the tongue to rest in its correct position, swallowing the right way, and keeping the lips together when not speaking or eating.
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Arch Development
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In children with underdeveloped jaws more than seven years of age, we may recommend using appliances and techniques in combination with Myobrace®. This helps with arch development to make room for the new teeth when they come in.
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Dental Alignment
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When the last of the permanent teeth are erupting, Myobrace® for Teens helps align teeth into their natural position. The appliances must be worn every day, and overnight while sleeping, so your child’s cooperation and motivation are vital to achieving the best results.
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This final stage ensures that good oral habits are maintained vs. traditional treatment with braces that often require wearing a retainer to prevent relapse. By promoting good oral habits, Myobrace® removes the need to wear a permanent retainer or wire for an extended period.

Have Questions About The Myobrace® System?

Our Muncie dentist shares the answers.

  • When should my child begin treatment with Myobrace®?

    Treatment can begin as soon as poor oral habits are recognized. The earlier the treatment, the better.

    Older children have had more time to establish bad habits, requiring extra effort for successful treatment. However, with good compliance, we can still achieve excellent results!

    Schedule an appointment … Click to open a new window to schedule an appointment … for a Myobrace® consultation in Muncie, IN.

  • How is Myobrace® treatment more effective than wearing braces?

    Waiting until the permanent teeth come in and then using braces or tooth extraction to correct orthodontic problems doesn’t solve the underlying causes of crooked teeth or incorrect facial development.

    Correcting the poor habits that are the real causes behind these problems provides a permanent and more natural solution. Instead of focusing on forcing the permanent teeth to be straight, the Myobrace® system works to provide sufficient space for the permanent teeth to grow correctly in the first place.

    Our Muncie, IN, family dentist uses a comprehensive approach to help your child have a healthy and beautiful smile for life.

  • What are the poor oral habits that I should watch for in my child?

    It’s long been thought that genetics or having teeth that are too big for small jaws were the cause of crowded, crooked teeth. However, recent research shows that poor oral habits are the real culprits.

    The poor oral habits that contribute to crooked teeth and poor jaw development include:

    • Mouth breathing
    • Tongue thrusting
    • Reverse swallowing
    • Thumb sucking

    If your child practices any of these habits, please schedule a visit. Dr. Pyle can evaluate oral development so we can do any needed corrections immediately.

    The earlier the treatment, the faster and more effective the outcome!

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