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Being able to breathe well is the key to feeling well!

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Are you struggling with fatigue, weight gain, headaches, daytime drowsiness, mood swings, or anxiety? Does your child have behavioral or learning problems … Click to scroll to children airway section … , breathe through their mouth, experience restless sleep, night terrors, or have anxiety and depression?

Poor airway health could be the root cause of these symptoms. Our Muncie family dentist offers effective treatments to help you breathe better and feel better. A healthy, open airway dramatically affects your sleep, physical appearance, and overall health.

Our airway treatment services include:

A woman receiving her Airway treatment from one of our assistants

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Adult Airway Treatment: end your headaches and fatigue for good.

If you’re using a CPAP machine for your breathing problems, you’re only treating the symptoms of your problem, not the cause.

Dr. Pyle gets to the root of the problem by correcting bite and muscle alignment issues to help open up the airway and promote airway health.

Don’t let your breathing problems continue to affect your quality of life negatively.

Children’s Airway Treatment
Early treatment can prevent health problems.
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Dr. Pyle … Click to go to the page of Dr Greg Pyle … , your Muncie airway therapy dentist, addresses underdeveloped airway or orthodontic issues in children. Our office uses non-invasive growth guidance therapy or functional orthodontic treatment.

These natural solutions encourage healthy growth and proper function of teeth … Click to go to our blog … , jaws, and muscles. When your child can breathe properly, their body gets the oxygen it needs to develop and function properly.

We include an airway exam as a routine part of every patient’s dental examination, including children.

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The natural way to straighter teeth.
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Myobrace® … Click to open a new window to the oficial page of Myobrace … addresses the underlying causes of crooked teeth that prevent proper jaw development.

Our Muncie, IN family dentist helps correct improper breathing and swallowing habits, and this pre-orthodontic treatment guides in the proper development of jaws and teeth.

Myobrace® can prevent the need for costly and repetitive orthodontic treatment after the permanent teeth come in.

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‘‘Dr. Pyle is a great dentist; he is knowledgeable, compassionate, and always puts the patient first. I cannot recommend him enough. The office staff is absolutely lovely, and everyone tries to make you feel at home. I think they’re the best.’’

- Michelle D.

Questions about Breathing + Airway Treatment

Get the answers from our Muncie dentist.

  • What is myofunctional therapy?

    Myofunctional therapy involves re-educating the muscles of the face and mouth.

    A series of simple, easy-to-do exercises promote proper breathing, chewing, and swallowing. These open up the airway and allow you to breathe fully.

    We also work on eliminating poor habits such as thumb-sucking, teeth grinding, and jaw clenching.

  • What are the signs of poor airway health?

    There are some common symptoms identified in all age groups that can indicate poor airway development.

    A few to watch for include:

    • Deep overbite
    • Mouth breathing
    • Tooth wear from grinding or clenching
    • Narrow dental arches and crowded teeth
    • Recessive chin
    • Tongue thrusting

    If you or your child exhibit any of these symptoms, please call us for an airway examination: 765-288-6121 … Click to call us … .

  • Is Dr. Pyle qualified to treat airway problems?
    Dr. Pyle is a recognized authority when it comes to the treatment of sleep apnea and airway issues in both children and adults. University Avenue

    Dental is the only practice in Muncie, IN offering this advanced treatment.

    We use the latest technology for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning. Additionally, Dr. Pyle works closely with your personal healthcare team for focused treatment and better whole-body health.

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