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Headache Relief

Eliminate your pains once and for all.

Dr. Greg Pyle and our team can help you create a life where you no longer have to depend on drug therapy to function the way you want to. Using the TruDenta® pain relief system, you can be in control of your healing process and live the life you’ve always wanted — one free of pain.

TruDenta® is a revolutionary system designed to diagnose and treat headaches, migraines, face/jaw pain, and other recurring discomforts of the head, neck, mouth, and jaw. Through a series of painless tests, we can help discover the source of your pain and prescribe a personalized program of therapy and rehabilitation designed to lead to lasting resolution of your migraine and headache pain.

Our philosophy is focused on patient-centered care, and it’s what you can expect to experience every time you come to our office.

Woman smiling with a big grin and eyes closed - smile design

Smile Design

Is your smile a true reflection of your personality and beauty?

Your smile is capable of reflecting what you’ve always envisioned. An initial smile design consultation with Dr. Pyle will help him understand what a beautiful smile means to you.

Once your desires are established, we begin co-creating the the perfect smile that matches every inch of you with captivating precision. This involves taking photos and impressions of your teeth that we’ll send off to our trusted and talented lab. They’ll then create a template for an in-office preview of your new look.

With the art and skill of a qualified dentist like Dr. Pyle, smile design truly allows you to have the smile you’ve always dreamed about. Begin your journey into a life-changing new smile today. Download our free e-book to learn what to look for when choosing a cosmetic dentist.


Laser Dentistry

Don't fear the unknown.

Laser Dentistry in Muncie allows Dr. Greg Pyle to practice dentistry with greater comfort than ever.

The laser system, called the Waterlase MD™, from BIOLASE Technology, Inc., is a revolutionary dental tool that uses a combination of laser energy and water to perform a variety of dental procedures with fewer shots and less anesthesia.

Studies have shown that Waterlase Dentistry™ can be less traumatic than the drill. The combination of laser and water provides a quick and unique cutting action that is precise and gentle, so it preserves healthy tooth or gums around a cavity or diseased gums.

If you need dental work but are afraid of discomfort, Laser dentistry in Muncie could help you overcome your fears.

Older lady smiling with Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Eat, speak, look, and feel better!

Dental implants are a safe, effective way to restore natural appearance and function after tooth loss. Small titanium implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, acting directly as the missing tooth root.

Dental implants also protect and preserve bone health. Whenever a tooth is lost, the strong support that had been provided by the tooth root is diminished. If this foundation is not replaced, the bone in the jaw will begin to deteriorate over time. This type of bone loss leads to a sunken appearance of the facial structure, dysfunction of the remaining teeth, and the possibility of other health concerns.

Whether replacing one or many teeth, your new dental implants will be as characteristic aesthetically and functionally as the teeth you were born with. Learn more with our free download.

Man holding hands to head in pain - TMJ Therapy

TMJ Therapy

Ensure proper contact and pressure in your bite.

Improper alignment of the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, can cause a slew of painful symptoms, known as TMD. Proper alignment of this joint found in the jaw is crucial for eating, speaking, chewing, and living in comfort.

As a skilled Muncie TMJ dentist, Dr. Pyle puts a neuromuscular focus on treatment of TMD. This type of treatment ensures that your jaw and bite are working together to function properly. It also determines that proper contact and pressure are being distributed evenly along the teeth.

Collaborating our extensive TMJ training with advanced computerized diagnostic tools gives Dr. Pyle and our team a leading advantage in the treatment of TMD. Cutting-edge tools allow us to treat the root cause of your symptoms, rather than simply alleviating them. Contact us to learn more

Man holding hands to head in pain - TMJ Therapy
Man reclining and grinning with hands behind his head - Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Get the stunning smile you crave, with precision!

Full mouth rehabilitation is the perfect way to restore long-term function and aesthetics to any damaged smile. Restoring your smile may be one of the most valuable investments you’ll ever make.

The rehabilitation process is completed in phases. First, an assessment of your TMJ will be completed, determining proper bite alignment and ensuring its continued health. Dr. Pyle will then discuss the motivation for your full mouth rehabilitation, whether your main focus is function or appearance. From there, a detailed plan will be designed just for you, constructed of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments specific to your smile wants and needs.

Man reclining and grinning with hands behind his head - Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Man snoring in his bed - Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Rest with comfort and peace of mind.

Sleep apnea is more than simple snoring. This potentially life-threatening condition involves not getting enough air during sleep, causing a lack of oxygen to the brain and vital organs.

Dr. Pyle not only provides effective, non-invasive treatment of sleep apnea, but he is also one of only 13 dentists in the country to be a certified partner of SomnoMed®.

Come see us today and stop the snoring. Find out how serious your snoring could be with our free download.


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