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Tonne Winery Is “The Little Muncie Winery That Could”!

The Little Winery That Could

For some 6,000 years man has been enjoying the fruit of the vine. In the US, the Napa Valley is famously known as the home of quality wines and award winning wineries. But in the last 20 years or so, there has been a rise in small, local wineries who are giving these wine producing powerhouses a run for their money. In Muncie, we are lucky to have one of those “little wineries that could”, Tonne Winery.

Tonne Winery in Muncie.

The “Small Winery Act” That Opened The Doors…  

Since the passage of the Small Winery Act in Indiana in the early 1970’s it has been possible for commercial wineries to sell the fruits of their labor directly to the public without using a distributor. This opened the door for small, local wineries like Tonne Winery to be able to offer locally produced wines in a local setting.

It started simply. Co-owner Larry Simmons had an idea that with his background in horticulture and his brother-in-law Kevin Tonne’s experience in food science they could combine their talents to open their own winery on the unused 8 acres adjoining his country store. He was right! In its first year, Tonne wines won 3 awards at the Indiana International Wine Competition, and the awards have kept coming since then.

tonne sinery 2

The Men Behind The Award-Winning Taste

Larry and Kevin do everything from fermentation to selling. They have a fabulous wine tasting bar that is currently offering 19 wines and a great retail section that offers wine accessories. If you are looking for a venue for a special event they also host private parties.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Make sure to check out their events calendar or Facebook page for some great upcoming local public events featuring music, food and, of course, some of their award-winning wines!

The winery is easy to find. It’s located at 101 West Royerton Road, Suite B, Muncie, IN, 47303. You can contact them at (765) 896-9821 and they are open Mon.-Sat. 10am-6pm and Sun. 12pm-5pm.

We think it’s wonderful local businesses like this that make our Muncie community so special. If you stop by and visit Larry and Kevin at Tonne Winery, we think you’ll agree with us. You can visit our Community page for some other suggestions for great places for food and fun in Muncie.

Do you have a favorite winery? Have you visited Tonne Winery? Let us know in the comments below!

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