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Las Vegas Weekend Seminar on Relationship-based Dentistry

Dr. Greg Pyle and team at dental seminar Relationship-based dentistry at Las Vegas University January 2016

This past weekend, Dr. Greg Pyle, our Headache Therapist in Muncie, Krista, and one of our hygienists, Stephanie, traveled to the Dental School at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where they had the privilege of attending a seminar on “Relationship-based dentistry” taught by renowned speaker and educator, Dr. Mark Montgomery.

This was an amazing and motivational workshop for our staff, and although the practice of building relationships in which our patients know for certain we have their best interests at heart is already near and dear to all of us in the office, this weekend was a wonderful refresher and truly paralleled our vision as a dental provider.

Key takeaways from the “Relationship-based dentistry” seminar

A few highlights from the class, and things we are committed to include:

  • Being intentional in building a relationship of trust with our patients
  • Discovering exactly “who” our patients are and what their desires are surrounding not only their dental care, but their integral health
  • Supporting and advocating for our patients in their decision in realizing those desires

As your dental providers in Muncie, we are continually learning, growing, and evolving to not only better serve our patients, but our community as well.

It was a whirlwind weekend, but we’re thankful for the experience, excited to be back, and ready to get to know YOU a little better!

To your health,
The University Avenue Dental team

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