Back to School Dental Check-ups!

Are your kids ready to head back to school? Something parents don’t want to forget amidst the back to school shopping is their children’s regular cleaning and dental care. Anderson IN residents like you who schedule a regular dental check-up and cleaning for their children, help prevent oral problems throughout the school year. During the summer months, even the strongest dental routine can suffer. To help prevent the loss of learning hours during the school year, it’s best to make a visit to the dentist part of getting ready for the beginning of school.

What is the importance of a regular check-up and cleaning? For starters, regular cleanings and checkups are essential to maintaining healthy gums and teeth and will ensure that any potential dental problems are quickly identified and treated before they become painful and highly expensive. Brushing and flossing regularly at home will help keep plaque under control; however, at-home care alone is not enough to remove tartar. A visit to your dentist is necessary.

Some great tips for kids and parents in keeping their mouths fresh and clean during the school year are: 1. Always brush your teeth after lunch- make it a point to keep a toothbrush in your desk or in your backpack. 2. Floss twice daily- especially before bed so that food doesn’t have a chance to damage your teeth during the night. 3. Encourage your children to eat regular, nutritious meals and avoid frequent in-between meal snacking. 4. Use a fluoride toothpaste to help keep teeth strong.

So, keep a slot open on your calendar this month for your professional in family dental. Anderson IN residents take the whole family to the dentist for your regular check-ups and help contribute to a great start to your child’s, and your, school year!

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