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Muncie Dentist—Helpful Tips to Avoid Aggravating TMJ

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) suggests that some 10 million Americans may be affected by TMJ disorder. As a respected Muncie dentist and TMJ treatment specialist, Dr. Pyle knows that the pain and dysfunction experienced in the jaw joint and associated muscles is nothing to laugh about.

Proper alignment of this joint found in the jaw is crucial for eating, speaking, chewing and living in comfort. By putting a neuromuscular focus on treatment of TMJ and combining cutting-edge technology with his extensive experience, Dr. Pyle can help patients achieve the TMJ relief they’ve desperately longed for.

Sometimes, patients can unknowingly aggravate the problems associated with TMJ disorder. What precautions can be taken to ease some of the unwanted pain and discomfort?

  • Restrict the range of acceptable bite sizes. Take smaller bites and avoid opening the mouth too wide in order to chow down on that monster burger, or snack on that big apple. Cut food into smaller pieces when necessary.
  • Avoid food choices that require a good deal of jaw movement. This can include sticky foods or candies/chewing gum, along with crunchy vegetables that require a significant amount of chewing to break the food down.
  • Try to chew equally on both sides of the mouth, reducing unwanted tension and discomfort in the jaw area.

These precautions are only a means to reduce the discomfort associated with TMJ and are not treatment solutions in themselves. To learn more about achieving long-term TMJ relief and a healthy smile, contact your high-tech Muncie dentist at University Avenue Dental today.

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