Invisalign is one of the best replacement for braces. It is widely used in recent times due to the numerous advantages that it offers. The younger generation, especially teenagers, can benefit from it massively as it would help them overcome their confidence issues related to malocclusion. Parents may have a few concerns about Invisalign if they've decided to get their child these clear aligners. Here are some of your common concerns addressed.

How effective is Invisalign, and how long would the treatment last?

Invisalign solves numerous teeth misalignment conditions such as crooked teeth, crowding or spacing of teeth, overbite, underbite, etc. The success rate of these aligners is also very high, and most patients who get them are delighted with the results.

The treatment period would vary depending on the severity of the malocclusion. From the first visit to the end of the treatment, it would take several months. Visit our dentist for a consultation, and they would give you an estimate of the treatment period.

Is Invisalign removable?

Of course. It is one of the significant advantages of Invisalign. The aligner can be removed for a maximum of 3 to 4 hours a day if you want to brush, floss, eat, drink, or attend to any other personal work. After eating or drinking anything, make sure that you clean your teeth thoroughly before putting the aligners back on to avoid discomfort or plaque formation.

Would my child be comfortable wearing one?

Since Invisalign is made from dental-grade thermoplastic material, it is metal-free and also the most comfortable orthodontic aligner. They are custom-fabricated to perfectly fit your child's teeth, and they gently apply pressure on them to move them gradually. As there is no metal involved, the risk of injury or any toxic infections is also eliminated.

Can my kids comfortably wear it to school?

Of course. Invisalign wouldn't interfere with your child's studies at all. While studying at school, home, or working on a school project, Invisalign would carry on with its work and gently move the teeth to their desired position.

Teenagers would feel quite embarrassed to wear braces as their friends could ridicule them. The advantage of Invisalign is that it is virtually invisible, and your child wouldn't have to face such a situation. At the end of the treatment, they would be left with perfectly straightened teeth and a beautiful smile.

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