The alignment of the teeth is an essential factor when it comes to oral aesthetics and hygiene. Misaligned or crooked teeth make it very tricky for you to brush and floss the teeth effectively. This leaves a lot of microbes on them, which can potentially lead to cavities or gum diseases. Also, patients with a malocclusion often feel too conscious while smiling or talking to people, fearing the embarrassment of getting mocked.

Hence, we would like to introduce a comprehensive and non-invasive solution to this. Most often, patients get dental braces or clear aligners as orthodontic appliances. But, a worthy alternative to these aligners is a myobrace system.

What are myobraces?

You may be surprised to learn that the myobrace system doesn’t actually include any orthodontic braces. The dentist treats the misalignment by looking into the underlying causes of the malocclusion and treating them. Finding the root cause of the misalignment and correcting it helps to provide a long-term solution, allowing you to have the perfect set of teeth for life.

What does the treatment include?

When you visit us for the initial consultation, the dentist will thoroughly diagnose you and determine the cause of the condition. The most common ones are heredity, missing teeth, jawbone deterioration, improper or disproportionate growth of the jawbone, faulty oral appliances, etc. The dentist will also look into other factors such as mouth breathing, reverse swallowing, bruxism, jaw clenching, interference of the tongue, and thumb sucking in the case of children.

Based on these observations, we will suggest customized oral appliances, which you will have to wear for a couple of hours every day. We will schedule regular consultations to check the progress of the treatment, and if any modifications need to be made, we will handle them.

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