Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are used in dentistry to protect the teeth from undergoing damage and wear. Mouth guards are suggested for everyone who indulges in sports, such as professional athletes, children and teenagers who take part in sports at school, etc. Also, if you suffer from oral conditions such as bruxism, which is night-time teeth grinding and jaw clenching, a mouth guard will be recommended by the dentist.

How do you benefit from a sports guard?

Sports guards keep your teeth safe from damage when you sustain a hard blow or a bad fall while playing. The walls of the mouth guard ensure the force is distributed equally among the teeth, thereby preventing damage only to a few teeth. All professional athletes use mouth guards to keep their teeth and soft tissues of the mouth safe from trauma.

Mouth guard to counter bruxism

Have you heard of a sleep disorder called sleep apnea? It is a medical condition where the patient experiences shortness of breath and interruptions in their breathing pattern when they are asleep. A common symptom of sleep apnea is bruxism. Due to this, patients experience subconscious clenching of the jaw, TMJ disorder, worn-out teeth surfaces, etc. Hence, patients can put on a night-time bruxism guard before going to bed. It prevents contact between the teeth from both jaws and also reduces the stress applied on the muscles of the TMJ.

What are the advantages of choosing a customized mouth guard?

  • Mouth guards can be picked up from your local drug store as well. However, they do not offer a perfect fit, and most often tend to fall off due to the improper fit. But, a customized mouth guard will fit perfectly on your teeth.
  • Customized mouth guards do not apply stress on the teeth and soft tissues. This prevents the onset of malocclusion.
  • Customized mouth guards are inexpensive. With a small investment, you can protect your teeth from external trauma.

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