Adult Airway Treatment

Get to the root of your breathing problems and solve them permanently!

Dr. Greg Pyle has specialized training for adult airway treatment.

What Is Adult Airway Treatment?

Poor airway health is a major problem today. Adults and children are experiencing sleep disordered breathing that causes sleep apnea, loud snoring, mouth breathing, and chronic fatigue.

According to the American Dental Association, dentists have become the primary providers to treat airway issues. Because Dr. Pyle is concerned about the overall health of his patients, he has taken on the challenge of providing an effective method for those suffering from adult airway issues.

There are different ways to treat adults with airway problems. Traditional treatments include the use of a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine or oral appliance therapy (OAT). These methods are effective, but they only target the symptoms.

Treatment using myofunctional exercises (for children), expansion, orthodontics, or possibly surgery can get to the root cause of the problem! These treatments can be truly life-changing.

Signs (or red flags) for airway issues may include:

  • Headaches
  • Teeth grinding
  • Acid reflux
  • Snoring
  • Daytime tiredness
  • Mood swings and anxiety

Why Is Adult Airway Treatment So Vital?

An airway exam is now part of every dental examination, including your children's appointments. Why? The earlier the diagnoses, the more conservative the treatment! If airway problems are left untreated, they can lead to serious health conditions, including:

Heart Attacks

Hypertension & Stroke

Obesity & Diabetes

Effective Treatment

University Avenue Dental offers a variety of effective treatments to improve airway health and breathing. Dr. Pyle and his team will find the best solution for your particular needs!

TruDenta® Headache Relief

TMJ treatment that corrects bite alignment may be the needed solution for poor airway health problems to be successfully resolved. Dr. Greg Pyle and his team provide headache or migraine relief without depending on drug therapy.



If orthodontic treatment is the indicated solution, Invisalign is a great alternative for adults instead of braces or Invisalign. Invisalign is comfortable, affordable, and straightens your teeth in just months - instead of years!



Orthodontic treatment helps solve airway issues by properly aligning the teeth and opening any airway blockage. Adult orthodontic treatment can help end your headaches and chronic fatigue for good!


‘‘The attention-to-detail I get from both the doctor & staff are amazing! The fact that Dr. Pyle continually educates himself on the newest procedures and equipment available to help his patients is very impressive. This group goes way above and beyond in treating their patients. GRATEFUL!’’

Debbie S., (5-Star Google Review)

Why Choose Dr. Greg Pyle for Your Airway Treatment?

Because University Avenue Dental is the only local practice offering this advanced treatment.

Education & Training

Dr. Pyle is a recognized authority when it comes to treatment of sleep apnea and airway issues. He is involved with the prestigious Clinical Mastery Series...This text is linked to the official website for The Clinical mastery Series and it opens in a new window... and instructs other dentists at the Pride Institute...This text i linked to the website for Pride Institure and opens in w new window... at Indiana University.

Advanced Technology

Dr. Pyle provides accurate treatment by using the latest technology. A sleep study is conducted using a High-Resolution Pulse Oximetry to track sleep patterns. Also, a CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) scan is used to provide a 3D view of the airway to assess any potential problems.

Clinical Consultations

Dr. Pyle consults and works in harmony with the treatment you are receiving from your personal healthcare team. This cooperation will help pinpoint the most effective solution for your particular needs and circumstances.

Questions about Adult Airway Treatment?

Get the answers below.

Many times a patient will be prescribed medications to control the symptoms that are a by-product of airway issues. We use treatments that target the cause of the problem and thus can often lessen, or even completely eliminate, the need for costly medications.

Often, this is covered under dental insurance. If we fabricate an oral appliance for adult sleep apnea, medical insurance will sometimes cover it.

Depending on the type of treatment recommended, costs can vary from as low as $2500 to as high as $15,000 if surgery is indicated and doctors and surgeons are needed to manage the case.

Treatment times will also vary anywhere from 2-3 months to 2-3 years.

There will be a "records" appointment to gather information, take pictures, necessary x-rays, and an examination.

Also, you will be asked to do a three-night High-Resolution Pulse Oximetry test. This will show us just how fragmented your sleep is, explain oxygen saturation issues, and track the heart rate.

Also, you may be referred for a CBCT 3D scan to be able to assess your airway.

Dr. Pyle will be able to recommend the best treatment for you - orthodontics, TMJ treatment, or surgery.

Solve Your Sleep and Airway Problems Once and for All!

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