When Dentistry Goes Famous – Dr. Pyle’s Debut On TV for Sleep Apnea and Permanent Headache Relief in Muncie


Headache Relief Muncie
Dr. Greg Pyle Talks About Innovative, Effective Headache Relief Treatment in Muncie

Have you ever watched The Wellness Hour? This cable television talk show in the United States features segment interviews of guest physicians detailing the most advanced reports and studies in the medical industry. Our very own Dr. Greg Pyle was recently interviewed on the Wellness Hour by Randy Alvarez to discuss the impressive results he’s been producing with modern dentistry techniques for cosmetic dentistry, sleep apnea, and headache relief in Muncie. Tune into his debuts below!

Dr. Pyle is not an actor, he’s just an honest man who works hard to help the people of his community. Since a young age, he’s had a bright passion for helping people feel better, helping them afford the care they need with experts they can trust. We’re proud to make available his short video clips with practical solutions to problems that may be hindering you or a loved one from living the life you deserve.

Permanent Relief from Migraine Headaches with Dentistry? How?

Watch as Dr. Pyle Talks about this specialized dental treatment that targets the root cause of headaches.

Beautiful Smiles in 6 Months? Now You Can!

Is it really possible to receive a beautiful smile in 6 months? Learn more about Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry from Dr. Pyle himself. Take a look:

Sleep Apnea Treatments (Sans the Dreaded CPAP Machine)

Some benefits of our sleep apnea mouth guards:

  • Sleep in the same bed as your spouse
  • Wake up rested
  • Boost your metabolism
  • WAY more comfortable than the bulky, noisy CPAP machine
  • Affordable and practical to carry around


Laser Dentistry: Better, Faster, Safer

How Laser Procedures Benefit You

Special thanks to The Wellness Hour TV Show, their Production manager, Cory Alvarez, and the show’s pulse, Randy Alvarez. It is our desire at University Avenue Dental to make dentistry a better experience for patients of all ages and circumstances. After watching the short video clips, send us a message to ask about faster cosmetic dentistry, Sleep Apnea treatment (without the dreaded CPAP machine), and permanent headache relief in Muncie.


We’re always here for you,

Dr. Greg Pyle and the University Avenue Dental Team

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