We are upgrading our technology to make your life easier!

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to catch yourself “coming and going.”  Unfortunately, most of us aren’t perfect with our Outlook calendars.  So, to help confirm your appointments here at our office, we have partnered with Sesame Communications.  Sesame works directly with our web site to not only send you notification of your upcoming appointments via e-mail or text messaging, but also give you access (through a secure network) to your chart information as well as your account information!  That way, you can track your dental work throughout the year (for tax purposes), pay a bill online, or simply peek at your x-rays or photos!

We are upgrading our technology to make your life easier!

Also, following any appointment here at our office, there is an online survey.  This survey allows you to give us direct feedback as to how we’re doing from the convenience of your home!  We always want to know, from your perspective, how we’re doing.  Sesame offers a quick and easy way to do just that.

Finally, this will allow you easy and direct access to our web site.  On our site, we have information about all of the services we provide, photos of some cases, as well as a testimonial page.  With your permission, we might even use your case or testimonial on our site someday!  You can also request an appointment or send us a quick note to update your personal information.  We are also working on providing an area that gives you information about each one of our wonderful staff members.

So, as soon as you see this blog, go to the patient log in and follow the easy steps.  We look forward to giving each one of you a “peak” experience soon!



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