The Psychology of a Smile

WE all know how important a beautiful smile is in giving a great first impression. But did you know that the differences in the lengths of your teeth convey certain meanings to others? And that their impression of you is influenced by these psychological factors?

When making any changes to your smile you should consider carefully what kind of psychological messages different smile designs convey. In cosmetic dentistry there are basically 3 smile designs:

  • Sexy-features variations in the length of the teeth. In this design the central incisors are longer than the lateral ones and draw the eye to the center of the face. We mentally associate longer, prominent, unworn incisors with youth so this design conveys sexiness, boldness and warmth.

  • Sophisticated-in this design the teeth make a straight horizontal line and emphasize the width of the lower face. Because of tooth wear our teeth become more uniform in length as we age so this design mentally conveys maturity and intelligence.

  • Sporty-this design is in-between sexy and sophisticated. The central incisors are only a little longer than the lateral ones so it’s not quite as serious looking as the sophisticated smile but a little more mature than the sexy smile. It conveys casualness, informality and warmth.

Within these 3 basic designs are many variations, so you can see that it is very important that you work closely with your cosmetic dentist to plan the right design for you and for the impression you wish to convey. Some factors to consider in your overall design are:

  • Facial shape-your teeth can either balance or emphasize certain features

  • Your desires-what impression do you want to make on others

  • Age-how young or mature would you like to appear

A cosmetic dentist is different than your usual family dentist in that he understands the psychological aspects of smile design along with the technical ability to realize that design. He can help you to make the right choices in designing your new smile.

If you are considering a smile makeover please call our office for a consultation. Together, we can design the look of your dreams.

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  1. nicki

    Love the blog! Thank you for the information. I am very excited about cosmetic dentistry!!!

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