Protect Your Smile From These Dental Dangers [Infographic]

Protect Your Smile From These Dental Dangers [Infographic]

Posted by DR. GREG PYLE on Aug 15 2017, 04:25 AM

You’re probably familiar with the “superheroes” of the dental world – floss, toothpaste, water, fluoride, your hygienist, your dentist, and more – these all protect your smile and keep your teeth healthy and strong. But in addition to these dental friends, there are dental foes – villainous enemies that attack the health of your smile!

Perhaps a few well-known smile enemies come to mind, including sugary candy and soda. But there are a few sneaky smile villains out there you may not be aware of. Give your teeth a fighting chance against the four common dental enemies shown in the infographic below.

Protect your smile from 4 dangers:


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