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Take Advantage of Our Specials Now!

Muncie dentist special offersWe think our Muncie dentist patients are the greatest! Because we appreciate how awesome you are we like to offer our patients special price breaks in services we know you want and need. Can you take advantage of our current special offers?

Special offers:

  • Complimentary Consultation.
  • 10% discount on Headache Relief testing.
  • 50% discount on Teeth Whitening.

If you are dealing with the discomfort caused by constant pain from migraines or headaches then this special is a great value for you. Dr. Greg Pyle and his team provide headache relief without depending on drug therapy. Through the TruDenta® pain relief system, you can be in control of your healing process and live the life you’ve always wanted — a life free of pain.

Also, the holidays are just around the corner. Holiday parties and family photos are part of the fun of the season. We know you want your smile to be as sparkling as the occasion and so we are offering an unprecedented ½ off the price of our regular teeth whitening.

These offers are only good until October 31st so hurry and take advantage of them now!

Contact our office or call our Muncie dentist office today at (765) 288-6121  to claim your offer and set up an appointment. Your welcome!

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