If You Avoid Flossing—Check This Out!

Dr. Pyle, your dentist serving Pendleton IN, knows that winding floss around your fingers and working it through your mouth can feel clumsy enough that some of you have dropped it from your dental hygiene routine. Instead of calling it quits though, check this exciting alternative out!

Do You Avoid Flossing?

Ta-dah, an easier way to clean between teeth called Sonicare AirFloss! Since a significant portion of your tooth surfaces are actually between your teeth where food particles will lodge and begin to decay, flossing is all-important in preventing bacteria build up which results in plaque, bad breath and infection. Philips Sonicare AirFloss will now allow you to “floss” without the floss!

This new, effortless alternative—Sonicare AirFloss—uses revolutionary microburst technology that delivers a quick burst of air and water to effectively yet gently clean between your teeth. Studies boast that it removes up to 99% more plaque between teeth than brushing with a manual toothbrush alone. Just think, you can have your whole mouth cleansed in mere seconds!

Statistically, 86% of patients who flossed inconsistently found Sonicare AirFloss easier to use than floss, which dramatically increases the likelihood of continued use! It’s tough on plaque, yet has proven to be safe and gentle on gum tissue, teeth and enamel.

Always interested in promoting your oral health, consult Dr. Pyle today to learn how this dentist for Pendleton IN can help you find your healthiest, brightest smile!

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