How Do You Replace Missing Teeth?

Badly diseased or missing teeth can harm much more than your smile ability, it can also limit your day-to-day functions. Missing teeth may negatively impact:

  • Appearance – Missing teeth can alter people’s perceptions of you, causing you to possibly hide your smile.
  • Eating – It can reduce the ability to eat certain food groups, which results into bad nutrition and an unhealthy diet.
  • Speech – Missing teeth can cause a lisp and take away the authority in your voice.

Additionally, the loss of even a single tooth is capable of creating oral health issues including:

  • Shifting teeth
  • Bite and jaw misalignment
  • Jaw bone loss – When your tooth root goes missing, your jaw bone begins to deteriorate because it does not have the support it needs to function properly. If multiple teeth are missing, the deterioration could result into a facial collapse, making your face cave-in and making you look much older.

The viable solution: dental implants

With a 90-95% success rate, dental implants have become the go-to and preferred solution to mimic natural teeth, and restore your smile’s aesthetics and function. Implants look and feel completely natural, and don’t compromise the strength of neighboring teeth. They facilitate clear speech, enable full enjoyment of food, and display as a gorgeous smile.

How do you know if you personally qualify for a dental implant? Thankfully, the majority of people are suitable candidates, even those advanced in years.

Criteria for dental implants:

  • General good health
  • Sufficient jawbone density to support implant
  • Healthy gum tissue

There are some factors that can lower the success rate of your dental implant including:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Have cancer, a blood disorder, or diabetes

Stop hiding your smile because of the embarrassment of missing teeth! Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gregory Pyle to discuss how our dental implants in Muncie, IN, can change your life!

Share with us – has your perception of someone ever been negatively affected because they were missing a tooth?

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