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Dr. Pyle DDS in Muncie Proves Crowning a Success!

Many times a dental filling will suffice, but in some cases, Dr. Pyle DDS in Muncie must recommend a crown in its place. Why?

The average person can exert approximately 150-200 lbs. of muscular force on their posterior teeth. This is about nine times the force than can be exerted on frontal teeth. Therefore, it is understandable that if you have extensive decay that requires the removal of a large portion of your tooth, it will require refortification in order to withstand bite pressures. Dental fillings work well repairing small cavities, but not larger ones. A superior restoration will be required to maintain the integrity of your tooth.

This restoration is called a crown. Unlike dental fillings, it must be fabricated outside the mouth to allow for the usage of stronger materials that require such procedures as the firing of porcelain. An attractive benefit to crowns is they can be color-matched to blend seamlessly amongst your natural teeth. It’s generally then bonded in place using dental cement and will completely cap or encircle the tooth to lend it strength and durability.

There are various applications for dental crowns and Dr. Pyle DDS has shown Muncie patients he’s adept at all of them! Consult with him today and have the power restored to your smile!

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