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Dentistry Challenges Anderson IN: Take the Bite Test Today!

Is your bite off? Dr. Pyle offers advanced dentistry to Anderson IN area residents. Perhaps you have memories of being asked repeatedly to bite carbon-type checking paper to indicate your teeth’s points of contact. A state-of-the-art computerized bite analysis instrument can now do that and so much more!

Known as the T-Scan, this computerized tool provides superior Intel by identifying not only where the connection is in real time, but showing the bite force intensity. This contact is measured throughout the mouth in 0.1-second intervals. It allows our trained dental experts to adjust the occlusion (or bite) and provide restorative services. Why might you need this?

Your habitual force pattern describes the amount of pressure being distributed throughout your mouth. If too much force is being placed on the wrong surfaces, painful damage can ensue. Teeth that were not meant to sustain such forces may fracture or wear prematurely. Your jaw and bite must work together and in alignment! When they don’t, a host of problems often results. This may include jaw tension or pain, headaches, sensitive teeth, teeth grinding and clenching, ringing in the ears, vertigo or neck or shoulder discomfort, etc.

So take the bite test with our advanced T-Scan Occlusal Analysis System through the clinic of Dr. Pyle! Experience superior dentistry Anderson IN residents, because you deserve it!

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