Dentist for Anderson IN Squares-Off: Implants vs. Dentures

There are two competitors in the ring: Dental Implants vs. Dentures. Who is the reigning champion according to an expert dentist for Anderson, IN?

Dentures are favored by some but aren’t the ultimate victors for several reasons. What are these reasons? Gum ridges used to support dentures tend to shrink or alter in shape over time. This is caused when natural teeth are removed and their root system becomes redundant. Bone and tissue begin to reabsorb into the body with dramatic results.

A hearty laugh, an unexpected sneeze or a chewy meal in public may suddenly dislodge a once secure denture and send it elsewhere. How embarrassing! To compensate, some resort to dental adhesives. However, these have shortcomings too. Drinking a hot cup of coffee may leave you with a mouthful of goo, or you may experience an unpleasant but lingering adhesive flavor. How can this be avoided?

Dental implants stand in the opposing corner–as a small titanium post surgically implanted into jawbone with an attractive crown atop. Superior to dentures, an implant can actually anchor itself in bone and stimulate its continued growth. A completely stable surface restoration (whether it be a crown, bridge, or partial denture) will allow for all of life’s normal functions.

Hands down the winner, attractive, durable and permanent dental implants will also require no more than the usual good oral health regime to maintain. Consult dentist Dr. Pyle of University Avenue Dental. Dr. Pyle is located in Muncie, IN and services surrounding communities such as Anderson, Yorktown, Selma and more!

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