3 Responses to "Cosmetic Dentistry-Insurance Questions Answered"
  1. Avatar for University Avenue Dental Steve says:

    Thanks for the info! This certainly helps answer a lot of the questions I had about my coverage.

  2. Avatar for University Avenue Dental Elmore says:

    I’m wondering if anyone knows of an insurance plan that will (or at least sometimes does) pay for a treatment such as Invisalign. I’d rather not have braces at my age and I’ve heard Invisalign is always an out-of-pocket expense because it’s considered a voluntary procedure. Any info would be helpful, thanks!

  3. Avatar for University Avenue Dental GREG says:

    Elmore: great question! While many insurance plans cover orthodontic treatment, most have stipulations (such as age, or a set amount like $1000 per insured). Check your plan to see if orthodontics is covered. If not, check with your employer to see if this can be added at some time to your plan. Let me know if you have any luck!

    Greg Pyle

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