Muncie dentist Dr. Greg Pyle offers TM “Joint Vibration Analysis” for complete dental care. A complete diagnosis of the Jaw Joint is critical to every dental patient. The Temporomandibular or JawJoints are widely considered by dentists to be the skeletal base of the oral system. Dr. Pyle has incorporated “Joint Vibration Analysis” an objective, non-invasive, and fast diagnostic aid for the jaw joints, to improve the level of dentistry available to the Muncie dental patient. Like all joints, the TM joints are subject to inflammation, ligament tears, degeneration and arthritis. If the TM Joints are not stable, it is extremely difficult to stabilize the patients’ dentition. Pathologies of the TM joints can lead to pain, clicking, grinding of the teeth and dental break down. Dental patients that have jaw pain, clicking or are planning significant dentistry such as crown and bridge, orthodontics, cosmetic procedures, dentures or snoring appliances should have a compete exam of their TMJ function before treatment begins.

Traditional methods dentists have used for TMJ assessment in dentistry are subjective (and thus prone to clinical error), or they are invasive and expensive like MRI and CT scans. Dr. Pyle added Joint Vibration Analysis to the practice located at 800 West University Avenue Ste 1, in Muncie to provide an objective method of TMJ assessment that is completely non-invasive, fast and safe in 2007.

Joint Vibration Analysis records the “pops and clicks” from the jaw joints as the patient opens and closes their jaw. The test takes only 10 seconds to perform and can be used to test the effectiveness of treatments designed to impact the function of the TM joints as well. Not all clicks and pops are indicative of pathology, and joints that are silent, (or seem to be to the patient) are not always normal.

The research has shown that force, timing and frequency of different pathologies of the TMJ can create specific patterns that Dr. Pyle can use as an aid in the diagnosis of TMJ function. With the rising cost of health care Dr. Pyle feels it is critical to offer an affordable and objective TMJ screening to any patient in Muncie that is experiencing TMJ pain, clicking or is planning significant dentistry.

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